Giveaway: Kate Spain Quilt Set + Décor Tips and Ideas


The winner of this giveaway is Surabhi Kacker. Congratulations! We have sent you an email.

Here at CraftGossip, we are lucky to be featuring this brand new Kate Spain Bedding Collection. These three bedding ensembles (pictured above) grew from colorful doodles she did in her sketchbook. The florals and geometric patterns were inspired from her lush summer garden in Connecticut.

Each quilt has its own style:

Hills and Valleys” is color saturated and artsy (on the left).

Sunnyside” is timeless and sophisticated (in the middle  in the picture).

Daydream” is whimsical and textural (on the right).

Which one is your favorite?

We got some design and décor tips from Kate herself:

– In the summer, I like to keep the bedrooms uncluttered to emphasize an airy, cool, and serene atmosphere.

– Linen draperies in light and bright colors pare nicely with crisp cotton sheets and light-weight colorful quilts.

– Don’t forget fresh flowers from the garden placed near to where you can enjoy them throughout the day. Bedside flowers are a beautiful way to begin and end a summer’s day.

– Finally, I swap out our plush, tufted rugs in the bedroom for seagrass, sisal, and jute floor covering. Their neutral colors and natural materials are a perfect complement for the light and airy spaces wafting with fragrant flowers.


We are giving away one of these quilt sets to one lucky CraftGossip reader. To win, leave a comment below and tell us which one is your favorite and why.

US residents only. Ends 15th July 2014.


  1. Chrissy Lauderdale says

    I like the blue with orange spots on that quilt blanket for our bed in the summer time. Thanks if u pick me as a winner. 😉

  2. nicole says

    were getting ready to move my daughter to a ‘big bed’ and I’d LOVE to win daydream, so she would have a new color scheme for her room (that mom likes too!)

  3. Rebecca says

    In love with Kate Spain quilts! I am a single mom buying my first house for my daughter and I! Long awaited! Would love to have Daydream for a beautiful start to our design in our new home! We currently share a bed!

  4. Shannon says

    Oh my – how to choose. Love Hills and Valleys with it’s blues and yellows. But I think I will have to pick Sunnyside – so fun!

  5. Cristy Walpole says

    I like the yellow and gray chevron one, in the middle.. because I is bright and cheerful!! I could use a little of both of those in my life right now! :0)

  6. Sylvia says

    Hills and Valleys would be my choice since it matches one of our guest rooms perfectly. They are all so beautiful, that anyone would be welcomed by whoever is lucky enough to win.

  7. Debs Herold says

    What a great selection! All are gorgeous, but I am most comfortable in blues for our bedroom. Both me & my husband love the peace and quiet we derive from Blue colorways. I will have to go with “Sunnyside” for my selection, but we certainly aren’t sophisticated!

  8. Gloria Chen says

    I love all of them! It’s hard to just pick one! Hills and Valleys would go best with my room color scheme though! :) I hope I win!! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  9. Catherine Coyne says

    Daydream is my favorite! I love the colors and the different patterns! It would be beautiful in my teen daughter’s room – she loves to daydream!

  10. Jeanette Johnson says

    They are all very beautiful but for our summer home I’ll have to go with the “Hills and Valleys”. Colors are perfect for one of the bedrooms.

  11. penny C says

    I love them all but I think I would choose daydreams. it has lots of colors that you can match and make things like pillows pop

  12. Diane says

    Hills and Valleys. So bright and cheerful and something a man would like too. Somehow all the geometrics are interesting yet restful…….like follow the yellow …….. To a smile. I love this one!

  13. Rhiannon Evans says

    They are all so beautiful! But I agree with many of you, Hills and Valleys is my favorite. Sunny yellows always put be in a better mood.

  14. says

    I love the yellow Chevron print. I think that is “Hills and Valleys.” I love a cheerful yellow mixed with white furniture for bedroom decor. I think it looks charming and airy!

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!!

  15. Angela Giattino says

    I love the Sunnyside quilt because the yellow is bright and welcoming. I would love walking into my bedroom and seeing it on my bed. It feels cheery!

  16. Lori Morton says

    “Daydreams” is my favorite!!! Full of Happy!!! Will make our bedroom wake-up & Sparkle!! Loooove it!! Colors are Perfectly “Me”

  17. Angela Gilbert says

    They’re all gorgeous, but the pinks and oranges of Daydream would be absolutely perfect with the white iron bed in my guest room!

  18. Leslie says

    It is so hard to pick one…I think Daydream would edge out the others for me…They are all beautiful and not easy to pick just one, lol Good luck to all that enter!

  19. Dennis Mullins Sr says

    Hi, I love all three but the one I would love to have is “Daydream” the colors and the design are wonderful. Thanks for a chance.

  20. Renee Richardson says

    My favorite is the Hills and Valleys. The poppy red and blue hues is stunning and it would fit well with the decor in my bedroom. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  21. Karey says

    I think my favorite is daydream just because I love the colors used in that quilt. But they are all really beautiful!!

  22. RJ Gosnell says

    Sunnyside is my fav- although they are all just incredible! This would certainly brighten my disgustingly BORING bedroom and bring a smile to my face every morning- HEY, I might even START MAKING MY BED in the morning!!!!

  23. Pat says

    If the third picture is daydream…that’s the one for me. They are all beautiful , but that one makes me smile.:-) my bedroom is a little tired ,and could really use a happy face lift.

  24. kim says

    My daughter has brought a lot of orange into our house so would have to pick sunnyside, but they are all beautiful and make me think of a guesthouse in a fabulous beach house!

  25. Susie Mays says

    My favorite would be Hills & Valleys. I love the sunny colors & would definitely wake up my bedroom & bring some style to it.

  26. says

    I love the middle one with yellow and grays! I like the design and I’ve been looking for something just like this that will work for a guy or a girl. This would be great for our French Exchange Student (boy)!

  27. Nancy Gordon says

    I love the Sunnyside. I am planning to redo my entire house in mainly blue, yellow. and white.
    This quilt would look beautiful on my white iron bed.

  28. Lindsay Wessels says

    Hills & Valleys would look perfect in my parents farmhouse. They recently bought a vineyard and are I the process of decorating the new space!

  29. Theresa says

    They are all so pretty but I think my favorite is the blue one–probably cause blue has been my favorite color since the day of my birth!!

  30. Maria Holsworth says

    They are all beautiful but I would LOVE the yellow and gray chevron…those are the colors I’ve chosen to redecorate my bedroom!

  31. Linda Ruhlow says

    What beautiful works of art! I’m setting up my sewing room and the orange and pink quilt is perfect. It would create such inspiration for me every day.

  32. says

    I have to say I love them all, but, hills and valley is my favorite. I love the cheveron. Sunny Side is great too. We are redoing my daughter’s bedroom. She loves orange and blue. It would be perfect.

  33. Jessica says

    Although each quilt is beautiful on their own, Sunnyside is my favorite of them all. With the heat of our summer days, wrapping up in a quilt on cool summer nights is just delightful. The blues in this quilt have such depth and feel comforting and cooling, so needed in our busy lives. The poppies are interesting reds and feel a little feisty and happy. The interplay of colors draw you in, I definitely could see loosing myself just reading the quilt’s colors and textures. What a lovely way to drift off to dreamland.

  34. Sharon S says

    Wow, love them all, but Daydreams would brighten up a bedroom I need to redo. Our granddaughter is at college and her room is still junior high era! Makes me miss her so much!!!

  35. Beth says

    Love the blue and orange set. The colors feel cool and restful for a hot summer season. With crisp white sheets… beautiful!


    I think they are all beautiful but Love the one in the middle. I love the mixture of yellow and grey color and love the stripes and design. It wold be beautiful in my daughters room that I just painted a pale yellow. She is away at college and would love for her to come home to this beautiful bedding!

  37. Rosefairy says

    I adore the middle one with light yellow colorway and chevron pattern. It really feels like summer weekend, very relaxing. thanks/

  38. says

    I like the yellow one in the middle. It reminds me of bright sunshine and gives off a clean, airy feeling. My daughter was recently married and they are a young couple starting off. She is who I would give it to. Plus she lives in Connecticut, so the connection to gardens there makes it more special!

  39. Melissa Lemke says

    I think they are all beautiful. But I am torn between the daydream and the sunnyside. But think in the end the Daydream is my favorite.

  40. Sam Osler says

    I am crazy about ‘Sunnyside’ because I am
    in love with both the combination of grey and yellow and the divine combination of flowers and patterns!

  41. Heather says

    Sunnyside, because I love its summery tones and ability to lighten a room. Our bedroom is cozy and the bedding has heavier, fall/winter colors. Would love to take it loftier places with this beautiful quilt!

  42. Susan Phipps says

    Sunnyside is my favorite. yellow and blue hues with the chevron design make waking up easy on the eyes!

  43. Kristin says

    I love the Sunnyside set! I’ve been wanting to paint our bedroom walls gray and this set would tie in perfectly.

  44. Tina D says

    I love the “daydream” quilt! The combination of colors and patterns reminds me of the quilts my granny would sew in her living room. Bright, airy, cheerful… Love it.

  45. surabhi kacker says

    I love the first one hills n valley….firstly I love the color as blue is my favorite ,secondly the name hills n valleys is always been my favorite hangout n Finally I thnk the maker of this has put in a great effort to design this keeping in mind,how how ppl can relate it to their lives….thank u for making such lovely n wormth

  46. Sue says

    Favorite – sunnyside as it reminds me of the sum coming through the windows and I also feel refreshed for another beautiful day!

  47. surabhi kacker says

    My fav is hills n valleys:-)firstly the color blue is my fav,secondly I the name as I m crazy for hills n finally I woud like to thanks kate for making such a beautiful quilt.i dont knw I ll be the winner or nt….but I desperately want one to hav it….as I can already feel the wormth Being in it…

  48. Debbie says

    Sunnyside is a perfect fit for my bedroom!! I wanted something bright and cheery and this one is exactly what I need. Adding turquoise to the color mix will brighten my bedroom and my life!!

  49. Christine says

    I love the hills and valleys because I have never been a pink or yellow peraom but the blue and purples are beautifil and remind me of a field of summer lilacs with a few pansies sparcely placed about. It shows how every romantic daydream of frolicing through flowers should begin.

  50. mandy D. says

    I love the sunny side quilt. I love the colors and especially the gray accent. It would be perfect in the room I want to paint and redo.

  51. Heidi says

    They’re all gorgeous, but my favorite is “Daydream.” Love the colors and patterns… everything about it is perfect!

  52. Melinda says

    I am excited about the Hills and Valleys quilt! I love the blue and pops of red! The design reminds me of an Asian pattern…I love it!

  53. Jessica says

    I love brighter colors and would love to have Daydream as it fits the colors in my house much better than the other two.

  54. Lynn says

    Sunnyside is my favorite. Has a vintage look with modern colors. I live the color combination of yellow and gray. Very refreshing.

  55. Anna says

    I love, love love the sunnyside set. The yellow and gray scheme is classy and can be put into any kind of décor! My hubby and I had to get rid our old comforter, which was cheaply made and falling apart. Right now we’re using a “Frostbite” quilt my mother made for us – but it is goofy looking in the summer!

  56. Fawn Rhoda says

    I t would be great to have any one of the bed sets but I think I like the “Sunny Sise “set best. Thank yo u for all the give always you do..

  57. Chrissi B says

    First-I love anything Kate Spain designs! Second-if I HAD to pick only one it would be Sunnyside! I love the design and I love yellow and grey!! But they are all fantastic!!

  58. Traci Lunsford says

    I love Daydream! Kate’s whole Daydream fabric line reminds me of Spring and it’s my favorite time of year here in South Carolina!
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  59. Mary Schreiner says

    Hills and Valleys. I have two children in the military and when asked that’s how I’ve always described my life as a military mom. It’s a constant map of hills and valleys. This bedding would look fantastic in my military themed room for my Navy sailors home in leave. Beautiful!

  60. Brenda Iwami says

    I’m drawn to “Daydream” because, well, I like to daydream! Each of the designs would work well in my guest room.

  61. Judy S. says

    Thank you for the giveaway! I like Daydream. The colors remind me of a flower garden and the name reminds me of relaxing, daydreaming on a warm summer day.

  62. Holly Larose says

    I love the hills and valleys print ! My husband And I are newly married and we would love to decorate our new home with your beautiful bed set (:

  63. says

    I absolutely love Sunnyside. It would look amazing in my new bedroom. My husband and I just bought our first home and are now starting the adoption process, so something new and happy like the Sunnyside set would be amazing! :) <3