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Have you come across a new crafty idea, gossip or story that you think our readers should know about? Or perhaps you would like to tell the whole world about your Etsy shop, or your own online store or website? Then read on to learn how to tell us about it!

It is best to send your suggestion to the editor of the sub-blog that you think covers the area of the idea/news/gossip best. For example, if your idea/news/gossip is about a new knitting tool, then send it to the editor of the knitting sub-blog. If it is about scrapbooking, then send it to the scrapbooking editor. And so on.

Due to the quantity of link suggestions we receive we don’t reply to them. Please check back often to see if your idea made it to the blog that you submitted it to.

Before you send us your idea, please follow these general guidelines. Reviewing these guidelines and then submitting your idea will give you the best chances of getting published on CraftGossip.

— Please be topical. For example, please don’t send suggestions for Easter ideas at Christmas time (or vice versa).

— Please be relevant. For example, please don’t send suggestions for Edible Crafts to the Needlework editor. If your idea fits across categories, please submit to the most relevant editor.

— Please consider having good photographs showcasing your work that you want featured. Professional photographs aren’t necessary, but well-lit, well-staged, clear photographs are a good idea.

— Please send us a link. Don’t send us photographs and a written tutorial and expect us to put together a post for you. You must send us a link to a blog post, shop, or other web site.

— Please don’t use this form to send us business development or press requests. Please use the Contact Us page.

— Please be persistant. If you are not featured on CraftGossip the first time, we encourage you to try, try again. We love supporting new and upcoming bloggers, so please keep crafting, keep working on your photographs and tutorials, and keep visiting to best understand what we are looking for.

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