Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Bars

If I was Superman, this would be my kryptonite! It also reminds of a candy bar that I love called Twix! I love shortbread and the addition of chocolate and caramel turns the shortbread into heaven! These would make a … Read More...

Candy Cane Brownie Trifle

candy cane brownie trifle
I love trifles! They are easy to make and yet so elegant looking. You can make them in a big clear bowl for everyone to help themselves to or create individual servings as pictured. A quick dessert that can also … Read More...

Melted Peppermint Ornaments

Melted Peppermint Ornaments by Sugartown Sweets!!
I love peppermint, but we do have a lot left over from building gingerbread houses, advent calendars and to give to cashiers, especially if they have a mean customer before you. I like to save mine and mix it in … Read More...

Ferrero Rocher Reindeer

Ferrero Rocher Reindeer
Here is a great project for the kids to help with. They would make cute gifts or place cards for the dinner table. Maybe you need a last minute gift for a hostess, these would be perfect to give.

Click …

15 Inexpensive Food Gift Items

15 inexpensive food gifts
Are you done with your holiday shopping and baking? I got the Christmas cards out and still have some shopping to do and all my baking and homemade gifts to do. I’ll be lucky if I get Santa’s cookies made … Read More...

Candy Cookies in a Jar

Candy Cookies in a Jar
Mason Jars are still the rage. I loved them before they became popular again! There are so many uses for them! They can be used for canning, storage and gifting. Today’s focus will be gifts in jars. You don’t have … Read More...

Indian Corn Cake

Here is a dessert that can be part of the decoration and the dessert for your Thanksgiving feast.

Don’t tell your guests that the decoration is edible! Surprise them after the meal, when you cut up the centerpiece for them … Read More...

Easy Candy Corn Turkey

Easy Turkey
It’s all about the kids helping and taking part in the preparation of the any holiday feast. This one is super easy! There are no recipes involved and will keep the little ones busy before dinner, while you prepare the … Read More...

Poison Toffee Apples

Snow White would not have tried the poison apple if it looked like this. These would definitely fit in well with a Nightmare before Christmas theme though.

You may have all the ingredients all ready in your pantry. You need … Read More...

Halloween Truffles

Like to give gifts to teachers during all the holidays? They’ll feel more special receiving these truffles instead of the same candy or cupcakes the kids are getting.
Although they are very elegant, truffles are very easy to make and … Read More...

Mini Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are yummy, but very messy! Plus, they can be kind of hard to eat! These mini caramel apples save the day!

What a great treat to make with the kids! Plus, it is easy for them to eat … Read More...