DIY Charm Lockets


I am sure you have seen the commercial version of these in the stores and whilst they are mass produced, I do like the concept of placing your own unique trinkets inside.

This tutorial by Happy Hour Projects shows you … Read More...

How To Dye Ugly Yarn


This tutorial shows you how to take a batch of ugly yarn you can’t find a suitable use for and turn it into something magical.

Okay not magical, but new and unique and different and colorful.

The full tutorial can …

Doll Head Ring Tutorial


Want to get “ahead” of the fashion scene(pun totally lame but required)?

This doll head ring is what we like to call a “conversation starter”.

Imagine wearing this out to dinner and the conversations you would have!

You could use …

Free pattern – Easter Bunny Pot Cover


The Inspired Wren shares her Easter or Spring Bunny Cover.

These would make perfect gifts for the Easter time.

Simply purchase a plant and cover it up with this adorable hand crocheted cover. Very cute and perfect for a Easter … Read More...

How To Make Your Own Eye Cream


If you have children then you probably have bags under your eyes. Dark circles and the wrinkles from all the stress will be creeping up too.

Don’t wait until you get time to look in the mirror (probably when they … Read More...

How to Use Turmeric in Face masks


Tumeric Turmeric is not only great for your skin, it is also a word I can never spell correctly. The R escapes me every time.  Below is a link to 3 amazingly easy Tumeric Turmeric recipes that you can use … Read More...

Funny Stuff Juice Drinkers Say


If you are a juice drinking junky (think we have all been there at some point) then you will enjoy this funny video. Before you take offence remember that sometimes it’s okay to laugh at yourself and not take things … Read More...

Some Bunny Stop me!


It seems I might need a Bunny Intervention. It seems like all the patterns in the last few days have been Bunnies. Everywhere I turn I am coming across new and fun (and free) bunny patterns that I am desperate … Read More...