Comic Book “BANG” Chart

Bang hoop

Do you need a little more “Bang” in your life. Then this FREE chart is perfect for you. The Bang symbol is straight from a comic book which makes it perfect for little boys and big boys who are in … Read More...

DIY Mortar Board Graduation Hat


Maybe you wont be getting one of these and you need to make your own? Maybe you did get one of these and you are planning on a big party that will require Mortar boards/ Graduation hats to be used … Read More...

Cross Stitch – Call Your Mom


This free Cross stitch pattern / chart comes from Plaidonline. It’s a fun little reminder for kids and adults alike. This chart is extra small but you could re-design it to suit your project. Totally adorable and a great gift … Read More...

Free Chart – Mom’s Kitchen

DMC Mums Kitchen model.ashx

This is rather cute and perfect for Mum. I don’t know if I like the idea of welcoming “tasters” in to my kitchen though. Eaters yes, but tasters hmm that sounds like too many cooks in the kitchen to me.… Read More...

5 Crafts That Could Lead To Surgery


Let’s set aside the obvious things that end in trips to the emergency room.

Hands cut whilst glass cutting for Lead lighting or other crafts.

Fingers caught in vices whilst clamping jewellery pieces or wood tables together.

Burns to hands,

Free Pattern – Rainbow Bunting


Everybody loves a rainbow. This rainbow bunting or garland is perfect for adding to your re-u seable party decorations box. (We all have one of those right?) The colors reach out to you like little prayer flags for joy and … Read More...

Free Pattern – Green Dragon


It’s hard to find patterns for dolls or toys that are not pink and doll like. I know you’re going to say that I am stereotyping kids but actually I am not because my daughter hates pink and would much … Read More...