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CraftGossip is an independent craft website and provides information about everything new and craft worthy. We are a network of blogs, each of which is managed independently by an editor. Each sub-blog concentrates on a particular craft topic or idea and we are always looking to start new sub-blogs and editors to manage them.

If you love discovering new craft things and telling everyone about them, then you are invited to write to us about your idea. Previous editing experience is not necessary, and we will provide you the tools required to manage your sub-blog. We will provide the marketing, sales and other infrastructure management, so that you can discover new things, and write about them. You are of course paid for your efforts via a revenue sharing agreement and the exact details are available on request by sending us an email.

We are not looking for any new editors at this time.

Of course, if you can think of a new sub-blog, not listed here, let us know, and if it is suitable, we will create a new sub-blog around your idea.

The editorial guidelines are published to give you an idea of what to expect when managing your sub-blog. You can see a list of our existing editors here.

For full details and to express your interest, write to Shellie at shellie-craftgossip.jpg

Don’t forget to include details about which blog you would like to write for and your experience in crafts.

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