elasticbeltsThe folks at Dritz show how you can use fold over elastic and decorative buckles to make cute belts. You’ll need to use the thicker and wider fold over elastic (like you’d use for making baby diapers).  The elastic comes in a wide range of colors and fun prints.  And you can also find a wide variety of buckle styles that would make cute belts for …

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Two really popular trends this summer are flamingos and pineapples. They’re all over pinterest. This tutorial I shared on my own blog, Punk Projects, features pineapples, but you could easily customize it to feature whatever trend you love best. These towels are both hip and functional, as the fabric handle you sew to the top keeps them from slipping off …

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Personalized Game Pieces
Next time you are going to be dragging out your board games, surprise everyone by sneaking these personalized game pieces into the box. You can make a game piece for each member of your family or for every child in your classroom. They are so easy to make using the directions shared by Jodi on Kids Activities Blog. She shared …

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Freebie: Fly TWA

by Pam Pedersen











Summertime means travel time and there is no place sunnier and more “summer” than Florida.  In days gone by, the airlines used to make the most romantic and inviting travel posters. You wanted to jump into the picture and start your vacation. As a wink to yesteryear, Scout901 on Hubpages created …

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Lately woven wall hangings have been popping up all over my Pinterest and blog feeds. It’s like the 70′s and 80′s all over again. I remember making these in grade school, but mine were never as fancy and colorful as the ones today. Erica at Honestly WTF has created this amazing tutorial, not only for the wall hanging, but also …

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