How you can hack Mason Jars with these cheap accessories


Face it. Mason jar hacks and craft ideas are everywhere. But most of these are projects that you have to spend time and money into to bring a life to. Wouldn’t it just be easier to be able to buy some of these ideas so you don’t have to spend tons of time?

This list of accessories, compiled by Woman’s Day, contains ideas to extend your Mason Jar projects by byeing ready made accessories that take minimum effort on your part. And to top it all, most of them are super easy to work with and implement.

Some days, it is just easier to buy rather than DIY. Right?

If you agree, then check out these accessories: 9 Mason Jar Accessories.


  1. lej619 says

    but it is fun to say that “i made it thank you” and some of these are so simple to do your self that i would not want to pay the prices they want for them.