Dirty to Clean Clothes in 10 minutes


Sounds too good to be true, right?

A new product, called Swash (by Whirlpool), promises to remove odors and wrinkles from already worn and dirty clothes so that you can wear them again.

The idea is to work with clothes that people wear several times before washing. According to the company, people are wasting water and electricity by washing clothes that are “not really dirty”.

Is this machine targeted to people who wouldn’t really care though? And with such a hefty price tag ($499), would you not instead just buy a washing machine?

At 4 feet tall, the machine is designed to be a part of your walk-in-cupboard. You might want to wear the outfit that you wore two days ago again, and it is lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. Quick put it into the machine and 10 minutes later it is fresh again.

Beware, though, it doesn’t remove any stains.

Would you like to test this machine and see if it actually works and can fit in the marketplace?

Get details of the new machine here: Swash – Express Clothing Care System


  1. Hayley says

    I think there might actually be a market for this, and that it is a great idea. My husband is fantastic at throwing clothes on the floor – not dirty enough to go in the wash, but too lazy to put them away. However, by the time I pick them up they are crumpled – I could just stick them in the swash instead of having to iron them again.