Did you hear about the man who inserted sewing needles into meat?


.. He was denied bail and is currently in jail.

And why is this news. Because it got us thinking about as to what all you can do with sewing needles.

Thankfully, in this case, no one was hurt and the man was caught and behind bars, but what unusual places have you lost your sewing needles in?

Oh! And if you want to read about the man who was caught.. Man caught inserting sewing needles into supermarket meat.


  1. lyn lewis says

    I don’t think that’s funny at all!
    Some prat pushes needles into meat, an act presumably to threaten people and perhaps the /supermarket industry and you think its a laughing matter?
    Ridiculous and frankly poor taste

  2. says

    Sorry everyone. It is not a laughing matter and no where in the original article did we say that we are laughing about it, only laughing at odd places we have left our needles. In any case, we have reworded the article.

  3. says

    I left my sewing on my kitchen table and walked away for a few moments and when I came back my needle with thread was gone.a couple of days later my dog was sick and wouldn’t eat and got a knot on the side of his neck…rushed him to the dr and he had swollowed that missing needle…I alway make sure my needle is secure down before walking away…oh my dog was fine after a costly operation…