Make Your Own Compost Bin


If you love to garden, and love to do anything to maximize your efforts while doing so, then building and using a compost bin is by far, one of the best things you can do.  Not only are you reducing … Read More...

Cute & Quirky Bouquet Ideas


If you are a bride who likes things a little out of the norm and unique, then you need to read this post!   With 20 different bouquet ideas that are not just quirky different, but cute as well, you just may be … Read More...

Saturday Inspirations Week 5

Inspired Fridays - Inspiration by Emma Dime

Here is this week’s inspiration! It made me think about paint chips, always a handy crafting supply to have on hand. Here is my layout:

Inspired Fridays - Sweet Baby K at Callaloo Soup3

My son was three months old in these photos, but this page got scrapped when … Read More...

7 DIY Centerpiece Ideas


When you hear the word “centerpiece”, you most likely automatically think of weddings.  But, centerpieces go so much farther than that.  From birthday parties, to anniversaries, to work parties, to simple home décor, a centerpiece is just that much needed extra touch.  … Read More...

50+ DIY Projects Using Old Maps


Who doesn’t love the look of an old map?  There are so many different styles and colors of a map, and the old blue and green coloring of the world globe is far from being the only option to use.  … Read More...

How to Make a Beehive In a Jar


Do you dream of having a beehive in your backyard and raising those bees to produce your own honey?  If so, this project may be something you will be interested in.  Normal beehives are a bit of work trying to … Read More...

Review: Knitting Pleats

knitting pleats bookThere are all sorts of fun ways to add texture to your knitting, and one really cool way to do it that a lot of knitters don’t play with much is knitting pleats.

Pleats are usually worked by knitting some …

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers


Feels like Spring? Then you need to make these giant flowers!

This video shows you how to make these paper flowers that will be the talk of any party that you are hosting.

The steps by Robert Mahar, using colorful construction paper, … Read More...