Woman crochets $30 wedding dress in bus


An annoynomous poster on the sharing website reddit, posted this:

I crocheted my lace wedding dress on the bus during my work commute for about 5 months. The dress is a pattern I designed with a commonly used pineapple stitch. The


Crafting with cat hair


I truly have no words for this. So, without any pearls of wisdom from us, read what the blurb for this says from Amazon.com. And if you are interested, go buy it.

Got fur balls?

Are your favorite sweaters


A big back to school lunch roundup


Here is a big, and I mean big, roundup of lunches for your back to school kiddies.

The lunch ideas are categorized by regular (simple and healthy) to even paleo diets. There are options for non-sandwich lunches, and there are … Read More...

Kid Made Glass Suncatcher


Use the last few days of summer to create some outdoorsy crafts with the kids. This sun catcher which kids can make themselves, is a perfect start!

Using natural light to diffuse into multiple colors, this suncatcher is made using … Read More...

Should you eat this Donut?


This fast-food mash up from Tim Horton’s is a gastronomical nightmare, or delight, as your tastes may go.

This Buffalo Crunch donut is a glazed-donut filled with tangy Buffalo sauce and is available till Monday at the New York State Read More...