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Miniature Crochet Animals


Each of these animals is handcrafted with love by Etsy seller Su Ami. She doesn’t just create dogs, but whales, elephants, and all sorts of animals.

Her work is truly amazing. Check out some of her work below, or go … Read More...

Perfect Macrame Hammock for Summer!


I didn’t realize that Macrame requires a little bit of Math!

Fear not, it’s only a simple Math! Using your basic math skills, you can make this perfectly adorable and functional hammock for lazy summer afternoons. Macrame, which is basically … Read More...

Delicate Crochet through Leaves


Image: art-photographers.co.uk

These crochet artwork sculptures are done by artist Susanna Bauer. When you think about how simply dry leaves crumble in your hands when you hold them, the painstaking crochet done on these makes much more impressive!

She says:…

How To Make HedgeHogs


These foam hedgehogs by Lia Griffith are the cutest little things. Perfect DIY craft  for the kiddos this long weekend?

Lia made great use of egg foam balls to come up with these cuties. Because they are made with foam … Read More...

DIY Calligraphy Pen


Using aluminium cans, it is actually not so hard to create these amazingly detailed calligraphy pens!

Or so the team at Man vs. Pin thought.

Check out their hilarious outtake on how to make this (and if it works!).