DIY Paper Butterflies


How pretty are these paper butterflies? And they are amazingly easy to make as well.

All you need is some colored paper and scissors. Of course, you could use plain paper and then color them. :)

Innova Crafts shows you how …

A Suit You Can Surf In


Aimed at a very niche (and rich) market of people who go straight to the office after a surf (and office to surf) and can’t be bothered to change their clothes, QuikSilver has introduced the True WetSuit.

This is as …

Awesome Green Arrow Hoodie and Costume


Hopefully, by now, you have heard the story of how Danielle Taylor turned her school prom’s “Sweet Dreams” theme into something a little more heroic by designing her prom outfit after the superhero Arrow. Her awesome comment on learning about … Read More...

Giveaway: A to Z of Crochet Book


Whether you’re a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you’ll ever need.

  • Walk step-by-step from basic to advanced methods
  • Learn the easy way with more than 1,000 close-up photographs featuring

3 Indoor Crafts for Outdoor Parties


Spring may officially be here, but just tell that to people who are still dealing with snow, cold rain, and frigid temperatures. Mother Nature seems to be determined to cling to winter a bit longer, which is giving plenty of … Read More...

How to make Rainbow Colored Roses



With Mother’s Day coming up, you are probably trying to think of a nice gift to give to your mother, grandmother, or wife.  This tutorial shows you a very beautiful and unique way you can put a twist on … Read More...

How to Make a Rainbow Cake

Here is a great video with step by step instructions on how to create a rainbow cake and frosted with a petal tip for a fun cool outside design. You can use your own cake mix and butter cream frosting … Read More...

8 Natural Ways to Reduce Acne

Bovine Cartilage, Zinc and Tea Tree Oil, all in one list make for a fun roundup.

But this list of natural treatments for acne from the Mayo Clinic may be what you need to get rid of that acne, once … Read More...

Knitted Captain America BodySuit


This knitted Captain America costume by FanGirl Physics was unveiled at the recent Comic Book Convention. Part of CosPlay, this is a pretty awesome way to combine comics and craft!

She doesn’t have a pattern for it, but she has … Read More...

Old Shirt to Bunny


For this free project, Debbie used a button down shirt from her husband.

Needing only 30 minutes to finish, this bunny looks very cute with buttons down the front!

Get the pattern here.…