Curling Rock Knit Hat


Picture a different type of ‘curl’ing folks! Made from acrylic yarn and polyester stuffing, this knitted hat will make you the envy of all the Canadian friends. Or perhaps, you will be the coolest kid in town wearing it.


Get …

Cats and Yarn


Image: TopCrochetPatterns

Cats. Ambushing. Yarn. What could be better than that?

And this list by top crochet patterns shows you 21 pictures of cats who are doing just that.

See it here.…

Amazing Paper Quilled Art


Following her passion, Turkish artist Sena Runa quit her high paying job as an HR person to open her own Etsy store where she sells these amazing paper quills.


Her passion for her art has seen her popularity grow and … Read More...

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Miniature Crochet Animals


Each of these animals is handcrafted with love by Etsy seller Su Ami. She doesn’t just create dogs, but whales, elephants, and all sorts of animals.

Her work is truly amazing. Check out some of her work below, or go … Read More...

Leftover Yarn to Gorgeous Loom


Using an embroidery hoop, some assorted yarn, and a plastic needle, the clever folks at CraftsUnleashed have made this simple, but gorgeous loom that will be fun to make with the kiddos.

This is a great project to do with … Read More...

Perfect Macrame Hammock for Summer!


I didn’t realize that Macrame requires a little bit of Math!

Fear not, it’s only a simple Math! Using your basic math skills, you can make this perfectly adorable and functional hammock for lazy summer afternoons. Macrame, which is basically … Read More...

Delicate Crochet through Leaves



These crochet artwork sculptures are done by artist Susanna Bauer. When you think about how simply dry leaves crumble in your hands when you hold them, the painstaking crochet done on these makes much more impressive!

She says:…

How To Make HedgeHogs


These foam hedgehogs by Lia Griffith are the cutest little things. Perfect DIY craft  for the kiddos this long weekend?

Lia made great use of egg foam balls to come up with these cuties. Because they are made with foam … Read More...