Amazing Lamp Made of Spoons


Nothing much needs to be said for this DIY, you can watch the video yourself below.

Created by a Finnish Company, this idea has been around before, but never with such clarity and brilliance.

You only need a water bottle, …

Tutorial: 30-minute shower curtain

Tutorial: 30-minute shower curtain Tutorial: 30-minute shower curtain

Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings shows how you can make a shower curtain in just 30 minutes.  When  you make your own shower curtain instead of selecting from ones you find at the store, you can … Read More...

A coffee cup, you can eat


KFC Britain, in what could be a brilliant marketing strategy, has come up with a coffee cup that you don’t need to throw into a rubbish bin once you have finished the coffee.

Instead, you can eat the cup.

To me, …

Pallet Housing that Survived a Cyclone


A prototype Pallet home, that was originally designed as a glorious, cheap, and fast student accommodation, has survived a devastating Cyclone that recently hit parts of Australia.

The Pallet home project, called “The Shelter Project” was designed by three students … Read More...

Has Etsy lost its Indie Cred?

is etsy losing its cool-

Once a darling of the indie craft movement, Etsy is now struggling to identify itself with the crafters who made it successful.

Rampant fake “handmade” goods, an inability to weed out resellers and a homogenization of indie crafts is making … Read More...

What Colors to Paint Your Home and WHY


The psychology of color is a science. Or is it an art?

I can never understand it. Thankfully, I don’t have to. There are many people, and guides online, that can help with picking the colors for the bedroom and … Read More...

DIY Wedding Rings – From Start to Finish


The sign of true love has to be these beautiful engraved rings, that were handmade, from start to finish.

A user on the popular image sharing site imgur, posted the whole process of creating these rings. She goes to show how the … Read More...

DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed


Stop looking at the cute dog. Well, I know it is a bit hard. It is so darn cute!

But this DIY from thegildedhorn is the perfect accessory for the dog that you love.

It also allows you to drink …

List of Healthy Mason Jar Salads


Yup, they are a rage. Yup, they are all healthy. And yup, they look absolutely delicious!

These list of 18 mason jar salads are all healthy, and are just an idea or inspiration for when you start with your mason … Read More...

Knitted Dissected Rat


Ahh– so that is what is inside a rat. And I was so terrified of cutting one open in Biology class. Sheesh…

Seriously, if this looks cuddly and cute to you, you may want to think twice about the meaning … Read More...

Bacon Kevin Bacon


This is art, or something like it.

Artist Jason Mecier makes contemporary art using food. And some of his work is actually quite decent.

Take for example, the image of Kevin Bacon above, made entirely of pieces of bacon.

Or …