Make Thanksgiving Easier


Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be a pain for the host and her/his family. Yes, it’s all about going out of your way to be thankful to your loved ones, but does it have to involve bending over backwards to please … Read More...

DIY Hamster Wheel Standing Desk


At my day job, I use a standing desk. It helps me concentrate, helps me lose weight and makes me overall more productive.

But I must admit, it gets boring.

So imagine my delight and surprise to see an idea … Read More...

Easy way to fix holes in Jeans


This DIY is targeted towards men who can’t sew, or pretend not to sew, or fix things :)

If you are sad about your favourite garment getting ripped by accident or design, you can fix them, following this easy DIY by … Read More...

DIY Birdseed Wreath


I am loving this amazingly easy and picture perfect Birdseed wreath by the team at Martha Stewart Crafts. They have made clever use out of a Bundt pan by creating a pretty suet-birdseed feeder for your feathered friends.

Some baking …

DIY Adventure Truck


A guy posted pictures on the image sharing website imgur for how he retrofitted a Toyota Tacoma with a bed and drawer system for climbing and adventuring.

How amazingly cool is this!

He posted complete steps, including what he did … Read More...