How To Make HedgeHogs


These foam hedgehogs by Lia Griffith are the cutest little things. Perfect DIY craft  for the kiddos this long weekend?

Lia made great use of egg foam balls to come up with these cuties. Because they are made with foam … Read More...

DIY Calligraphy Pen


Using aluminium cans, it is actually not so hard to create these amazingly detailed calligraphy pens!

Or so the team at Man vs. Pin thought.

Check out their hilarious outtake on how to make this (and if it works!).


DIY Copper Wall Clock

PVC Wall Clock

This amazing DIY will look so rad in man-cave!

Made for Valentine’s Day gift for a spouse, this clock uses industrial copper pipes to give that authentic feel. The materials are sourced from Home Depot and it looks like it … Read More...

Soccer Ball Crochet Pattern


This African Soccer ball pattern will be a hit with your kids!

CrochetBug made it to celebrate the 2010 Soccer (Football) World Cup in South Africa.

I love the colors which showcase the diversity of the soccer world!

Get the …

New Uses For Old Jars

Image: Leah Moss via ApartmentTherapy

Image: Leah Moss via ApartmentTherapy

Old jars a wonderful thing. They are so versatile. We used to have tons of jars around our home when we were little, and guess what, none of them were ever thrown out. Our mum … Read More...

3D Origami Minion


This idea came to us via our Facebook page. If you don’t already like our page, then please go ahead and do.

This project is not for the time-conscious. There are approximately 689 origami pieces that need to be … Read More...

Party Pups Made With Candy Bars


Not sure whether to continue staring at this adorable puppy or eat it before it melts.

Handmade Charolette has this easy to do DIY that will be a hit at any party or, well, any function.

This recipe uses Twix …