Make-Under Dolls


Have you seen the work of this artist who takes really glammed up dolls (mainly Bratz) and gives them a make-under?

The work is amazing in not only the actual transformation, but in also what is says in terms … Read More...

A Clarinet made from a Carrot


Linsey Pollak is an Australian music composer and instrument maker, who has a knack for making instruments out of everyday objects. And these are not your school level science fair style instruments. These are high quality, TED show worthy, beautiful … Read More...

Crochet Shorts for Men

crochet shorts for men

Wow, just wow! Etsy brings out the best and umm.. the worse in crafters :)

If these pants take your fancy, then you can certainly order them. Made from 100% recycled materials:

a vintage afghan blanket crocheted in the 70s-80s, and finished


Need a gift idea for a science fan?


Deciding on a perfect gift for the loved ones in your family is hard enough, but when those loved ones have specific needs then the task becomes harder. You have to find the gift in that perfect niche.

Thankfully, this …

Suits made from Ugly Christmas Sweaters


This Ugly Christmas Sweater phase doesn’t seem to be dying down. At least, all those sweaters that you dumped at the back of the cupboard are fashionably cool again, right?

We now have a company that makes men’s suits out … Read More...

DIY Christmas Pallet Block Ornaments


How beautiful and easy are these mini pallet block ornaments via Hannah at HomeTalk?

These cute ornaments are made using a simple template that Hannah provides that you can download and use in your very own creations. The design is … Read More...

Make Thanksgiving Easier


Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be a pain for the host and her/his family. Yes, it’s all about going out of your way to be thankful to your loved ones, but does it have to involve bending over backwards to please … Read More...