8 Unique Garden Planter Ideas


Spring is just around the corner and green thumbs are eager to start digging this year’s gardens. Gardeners should utilize complementary and proper-fitting planters to best display outdoor vegetation and plant life.

Rather than use standard, boring pots, consider these eight ideas to add flair to any garden.

Upcycled Colanders

Colanders can tarnish easily over time and rusted metal isn’t the most appealing way to clean fruits and veggies. Rather than throwing corroded accessories away, upcycle them to use in gardens. Visit the nearest yard sale or thrift shop to purchase a used strainer if one isn’t already lying around the house.

The tiny holes are great for ample drainage, but make sure to line with burlap fabric slightly larger than the colander so soil doesn’t leak. Place strainer pots on tables or hang with gardening twine.

Revamped Wagons

Radio Flyer wagons are somewhat of an American treasure and can be found at most toy shops across the country. Consider revamping outgrown or broken models to house annuals. Mobile planters can be easily moved for extra sun access or new garden layouts.

Oil Canisters

Old oil drums can be cleaned and painted to hold large, leafy plants and small trees. Hefty canisters are great gardening fixtures for urban homeowners who lack land space for large plants. Oil containers also allow homeowners to move trees and large bushes wherever and whenever they please.

Unused Cinder Blocks

Try stacking cinder blocks in the garden for an industrial look. Check out new construction homes for sale in the neighborhood and ask builders for free, leftover or damaged blocks. To avoid making the garden look too much like a construction zone, paint the blocks different colors and arrange them into various geometrical shapes.

Old Tea Kettles

For a vintage look, hang tea kettles along walls and railings. Keep an eye out for damaged, unusable pots in the kitchen; the cracks in porcelain are great for irrigation draining. Scratches only add to the character of old tea pots, so don’t bother painting or refinishing surfaces.

Leftover Drawers

Excess furniture overwhelms small indoor spaces. Convert unused dressers and wardrobes that are cluttering home interiors into fun and interesting outdoor garden planters. These can be repainted and distressed for a shabby chic appearance.

Broken Wheelbarrows

Avid gardeners usually have an old wheelbarrow sitting around in garages. A broken wheel or missing handle may render it useless as a transportation device, but it can become a great garden piece.

Damage can easily be covered with overflowing flowers or fixed cosmetically for display purposes.

Reclaimed Wood

Build window boxes out of old wood lying around the house. Stain or paint pallets and assemble together using galvanized screws. Make sure to attach cleats to bottom of boxes; these prevent damage to railings. As with every planter, healthy flowers require drainage. Drill holes on the bottom of the box and insert a piece of vinyl or nylon to hold gravel and dirt inside.

Prospective house hunters should consider yard size when searching for new homes to decide how many of the aforementioned features can fit on properties. For existing yards, try out a few of these inexpensive ideas to determine which are the best fits. Done in moderation, quirky garden planters can be the perfect accent for even the most traditional gardens.