7 DIY Craft Tutorials For Pets


This tutorial round up is for crafter’s who have a furry friend. I love the suitcase bed – it is very cute. Think I could pop my toddler in it?

These tutorials can be easily adapted to suit pussy cats too.

1: Shamwow Hack – Super Absorbent Drying mitt.

2: Recycled T-shirt – Dog Tugga Toy.

3: Re-purposed Drawer – Amazingly cute dog bed.

4: Doggie Stairs for the short ones.

5: Vintage suitcase – Doggie Bed

6: Upcycled Men’s shirt – Dog Collar

7: Yummy Doggie Biscuits.

I am participating in the 2014 Dog Fence DIY Hackaton  featuring dog themed crafts and projects.