6 Creative Ways to Decorate Using Heirloom Plates

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Most of us have had the opportunity of inheriting some type of an heirloom from a past family member.  While we hold these pieces very special to us, it’s hard to let them just sit in an old cedar chest, only to be brought out on occasion.  However, we also don’t want them too terribly accessible to the tiny little hands of little ones.  Below are 6 links to help inspire you with some creative and beautiful ways to display some of those heirloom plates you have, all while keeping them safe to treasure.


1- Decorating With Plates from The Lettered Cottage


2- Framed Plates from The Enchanted Home


3- Free Flowing Plate Collage from View Along The Way


4- Free Form Plate Collage from Addicted 2 Decorating


5- Heirloom Plate Wall from Over The Big Moon


6- Simple Plate Display from Casual Crafter


  1. Sandra Phillips says

    I have B&G navy blue Mother’s Day plates Ina diamond shape design on my dining room wall!