3 ideas to make small spaces seem larger


If, like me, your home is a bit on the small side and makes you feel a little bit claustrophobic, then there are some clever interior decorating tricks you can use to make it appear that much larger.

Turn away from the dark

The first trick to ensuring your interiors feel light and airy is to forget about using dark colors on the walls. Dark colors, such as aubergine or red, will pull the walls in, making the room feel cramped and oppressive, whereas light colors, such as whites, creams and pale blues and greens, will push the walls away and open it up. Moreover, never, but never, paint a ceiling a dark color. Keep the ceiling white to create the feeling of height.

It is important to get the wall color right not only for these reasons but also because color has such a major effect on mood. Dark colors can cause you to experience what could be termed negative emotions.

Make the most of natural daylight by doing away with heavy and cumbersome curtains and blinds. A far more streamlined option and one is that is extremely popular with interior designers these days is plantation shutters. I love these as they look cool and give you options as to how much light you want and how much air you want to let in.

Do not go large

When it comes to furniture in a small space, bigger is definitely not beautiful. Whilst your furniture needs to be suited to its use, it also needs to suit the space it is in. Avoid overlarge pieces of furniture, especially if they are upholstered in a dark fabric or leather, and make clever choices instead. For example, if your living room needs plenty of seating, then make use of wall space by having an L-shaped sofa that can be tucked into the corner. Such seating, because it is one continuous piece, also helps to create the illusion of length.

Clear out the clutter

It is obvious that the more items that are placed in the room, the busier and, therefore, smaller a room will look, so keep clutter to an absolute minimum. Do not include in the room scheme furniture that has no obvious function and is there for purely decorative reasons, as this will just get in the way and collect dust.

Do not over-decorate the walls with pictures. A great designer’s trick to create the illusion of space is to place a large mirror on one of the room’s main walls. This reflects the light and adds depth to the room. Of course, a room cannot go without decoration altogether, so put just one or two pictures on the wall, or make a more personal statement with some handmade craft items, such as frames made from reclaimed wood, or add accent colors with patterns made from hand painted tiles.

Small places need only look poky and awkward if you allow them to be so. Just a few interior decorating changes, such as using light-colored paints and wallpaper and paring down possessions, can make all the difference and make your small space feel roomier.

Image credit: Houzz

What are your tips to making small spaces seem larger?