General Mills Monster Cereals

Monsters Collage
Do you love the classic Monster Cereals featuring Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula? How about DC Comics? Well then you are in luck for 2014, 3 DC Comic artists from DC Entertainment joined forces with General Mills to … Read More...

Tutorial: Easy infinity scarf

Tutorial: Easy infinity scarf

Tutorial: Easy infinity scarf

Making your own infinity scarf is a quick, easy project.  Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom shares a tutorial showing how.  You can use any lightweight, drapey fabric.  Each scarf takes just 2/3 yard.  … Read More...

DIY Rope Bracelet Anthropologie Inspired

DIY Rope.braclets

Who doesn’t love anthropologie? Many Crafts are inspired by anthropologie’s designs. Kim of “made in a day” created these gorgeous rope bracelets that she was inspired by when she saw them at anthropologie for $118 and I am sure she Read More...

DIY Flannel Infinity Scarf

Flannel Infinity ScarfWe all love our old comfy flannel plaid lounger jammy pants. If you are tired of them and want to recreate your old pair into a lovely infinity scarf get over to “Britney makes”. She has a step-by-step tutorial that Read More...

Tutorial: Textured leather clutch

Tutorial: Textured leather clutch

Tutorial: Textured leather clutch

Gina Michele shows how you can make this textured leather clutch.  The bag itself is a simple zippered pouch.  The cool wave texture is created with strips of leather sewn down in alternating directions.  Make the … Read More...

Check out the Yarnspirations Look Book

check out the yarnspirations lookbook for fallThe people at Yarnspirations clearly got the memo that big knits are in this year, because their look book is full of them.

The book includes 13 knitting projects and 5 crochet projects, and virtually all of them are big … Read More...

Free pattern: Fabric stacking ring toy

Free pattern: Fabric stacking ring toy Free pattern: Fabric stacking ring toy

Detective Houndstooth shares a free pattern for making a soft fabric version of the classic stacking ring baby toy.  The graduated fabric rings stack around a thin cone.  Baby will enjoy stacking and unstacking … Read More...

Crafting with cat hair


I truly have no words for this. So, without any pearls of wisdom from us, read what the blurb for this says from And if you are interested, go buy it.

Got fur balls?

Are your favorite sweaters


DIY I Love Coffee Necklace


I love coffee, I think it’s the go to drink of most overtired, overworked mothers. I probably don’t need a necklace like this as everyone knows I love coffee but it’s still kinda cute. It would be a cute gift … Read More...

Are You Deficient in Magnesium?

MagRoller-Base (1)

Suggestive early warning signs of magnesium insufficiency:
Physical and mental fatigue
Persistent under-eye twitch
Tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck
Pre-menstrual fluid retention and/or breast tenderness
Possible manifestations of magnesium deficiency include:
Low energy
Confusion…

Tutorial: Sew simple gathered skirt

Tutorial: Sew simple gathered skirt

Tutorial: Sew simple gathered skirt

If you’re learning to sew and looking for a good first project, I’d suggest making a simple gathered skirt.  They can be made to fit any size – babies, kids, adults – and require only … Read More...

Planning a Secret Agent Birthday Party

spy party

Do you have a secret agent buff in your family? The next James Bond, Black Widow, Jason Bourne or Charlie’s Angel could be sitting across the dinner table. If your young super-sleuth is looking for something unique as a birthday … Read More...

Owl Craft Using Recycled Jar Lids

Owl Craft Using Recycled Jar Lids
This project has made me double my efforts at saving trash for my crafts, although I suppose these would normally go in the recycling bin. I have done plenty of crafts using clean, empty jars but rarely do I make … Read More...