DIY Interchangeable Studded Hair Combs

Vanessa shared this DIY on making Interchangeable Studded Hair Combs on her blog, Cafe Craftea. I think these are really neat.

This is what Vanessa wrote about here project- “As you may know, I’m always a fan of interchangeable/multi-wear/multi-use things. … Read More...

Beautiful Paper Lantern Idea


Stephanie Morris created this beautiful paper lantern for

The use of colors makes this DIY pretty stunning. You will be surprised to know that the base of this lantern is a store bought standard white Chinese lantern. Stephanie simply used some colored … Read More...

Mixed Media Retreat in Cambria, CA


If you live on the central coast of California, you don’t want to miss this post!  Joann Martin Fee has put together a weekend retreat just for crafters like us, and is inviting anyone who would like to come join … Read More...

Hydrangea Cake Tutorial

Hydrangea Cake
I feel like the only person still holding on to summer and avoiding the fall posts. Besides school posts of course. Probably because I’m not ready for what comes after fall.

This might be a cake that I would try … Read More...

How to make a silicone mould


This silicone tutorial is a little odd when you first look at it. Whilst it appears to work, I think it would only be suitable for basic designs. Having said that though I have NOT tried this tutorial so just … Read More...

Shapes, Counting and Colors Busy Bag

Shapes, Counting and Colors Busy Bag

This is a fun fine motor activity that will also help young kids work on shape and color recognition and counting skills.

Nicolette, from Powerful Mothering, created this fun activity and free printable templates you can download and use. You … Read More...

Tutorial: Color blocked drawstring bag

Tutorial: Color blocked drawstring bag

Tutorial: Color blocked drawstring bag

Nienke from Pienkel shows how to make a color blocked drawstring bag.  She made this one for her son to take to school.  He’ll use it to hold his gym clothes.  Drawstring bags can also … Read More...

Tutorial: Kids art caddy

Tutorial: Kids art caddy

Tutorial: Kids art caddy

Lindsey from Fort Worth Fabric Studio shares a tutorial showing how you can make this child’s art caddy.  It has small pockets that hold pencils and crayons, and larger pockets to hold drawing pads.  With a handle at … Read More...

Freebie: Learn Your Stitches


I was organizing my vintage patterns (I have a TON of them) and came across this test pattern.  I think it is an adorable little tutorial. You can learn the stitches, practice your lettering and make a sampler with just a few simple … Read More...

Lingerie supplies shopping guide

Lingerie supplies shopping guide

Lingerie supplies shopping guide

Just the other day, a friend asked me if I’d considered making my own bras.  Her question came after my 10-minute rant about how larger retailers rarely carry bras in my size.  My response was that finding … Read More...

Travelling With Kids


Travelling with kids does not need to be scary, just organized! Here are some of my tried and tested suggestions. During our last trip we traveled for 13 weeks, had 10 flights, 14 different accommodations, visited 6 countries, 3 different … Read More...

DIY Felt Scarf tutorial

Felt ScaveYou will look as though you just stepped off the fashion runway with this chic felt scarf.  Think about making these as gifts if you want to put a smile on a friends face.  These simple, homemade Christmas gifts can … Read More...