Tutorial: 1960s pillowcase style shift dress

Tutorial: 1960s pillowcase style shift dress

Tutorial: 1960s pillowcase style shift dress

This vintage 1960s pamphlet from Coats and Clark shows how you can make a shift dress.  It’s made like a pillowcase dress, but in adult sizes and with a narrower fit than a typical child’s … Read More...

Easy Up-cycled Dollar Tree Pumpkins

Easy Up cycled Dollar Tree PumpkinsAbout two months before holidays; check out your dollar store and you will come up with some magical decorating items. Take the orange plastic dollar store pumpkin and think about what you can do to re-make them into something unique.  … Read More...

DIY Boho Gypsy Fringed Scarf


This Bohemian styled scarf is fun and quirky and definitely a statement piece for your neck. It’s not the usual kind of necklace we write about but I did think it was totally worthy of a write-up.  The tutorial by … Read More...

Corn Wreath

Corn Wreath
This wreath is easy and fun to make and it can be used to decorate for autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving! Melissa (from Real Life, One Day at a Time) created this adorable wreath , with her daughter, using bubble wrap. … Read More...

Tutorial: Stitching with Lights


Have you ever stitched with LED lights before? I have always wanted to try but the process seems a little overwhelming to me.  Sure, I can change a light bulb but adding lights to something I stitched? What if I … Read More...

Winner Winner!



Thanks to everyone who commented on the Cheryl Fall book giveaway. It was fun finding out everyone’s favorite needlework tool. We love our lights, hoops and reading glasses.

The winner of the giveaway is:


Her favorite stitching tool is a …