Soft Soap Glass Pebble Trivet

When I got the chance to try out Softsoap’s new liquid hand soap and do a project with it, I gladly said yes! My favorite is the Peony & Plum.The flavor is so lovely and fragrant. It smells like Spring in a bottle! It reminds me of a field of wildflowers on a sunny April afternoon. I’m happy to have this lovely soap sitting on the bathroom counter this season!


The gorgeous packaging of the soap really dresses up the sink and adds a touch of Spring to my bathroom. SoftSoap Liquid Hand Soap is only $2.49 (10fl oz) which is definitely affordable especially since it’s functional and pretty. Small accents like this make all the difference in your bathroom or kitchen.


I created this trivet using glass pebbles and a few other supplies to show off my new soap in my bathroom.

Supplies: Glass Flat Backed Pebbles, Fabric Scrap, Foamboard or Cardboard, Felt, Clothesline Rope, E6000 Glue,Baking Dish, Oven, Bowl of Ice Water, Soft Soap

1. Bake your glass magnets in a baking dish at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

2. Immediately transfer your glass pebbles from the hot oven to a bowl of ice water. The glass pebbles will crack on the inside but remain smooth on the outside for a cool effect.

3. Let your stones cool off completely, this will take a few minutes.

4. To make the trivet, Cut out a 3.3/4″x3.3/4″ square from felt, foam board and a piece of fabric.

5. Stack them up and adhere them together, with the felt on bottom, foam board in the middle and fabric on top.

6. Glue the end of the rope onto one corner, gluing it around all of the side edges to finish them off. Trim away the excess rope when you get all of the way around.

7. Arrange your cracked glass pebbles on top of the fabric and glue them down.

Soap provided by SoftSoap. $2.49 (10fl oz)