A Christmas Crochet Mystery – And How You Can Win Something

cro colorful thread ornaments 1213

I ran across these colorful Christmas Tree Ornaments at this site.  Maybe I’m dense (well, just maybe) but I can’t find a pattern for them online even though the site seems to indicate that there is a free pattern.

So, do you recognize these?  If so, please post me a link to the pattern source – even if it’s not free.  From all those who post a proper link, I’ll draw a name and send a prize – probably a recently published book.  It’ll be a little late Christmas present from me to you cause you helped me find the pattern for these little ornaments.

Why do they appeal to me?  They look very much like some ornamentation I’ve seen in India over the times I’ve visited there.  I love how colorful they are!  In India, it’s unlikely that I saw them used as Christmas tree ornaments as even when I was there over Christmas, in the far south of India, Christmas is not widely celebrated as it is in the USA.  Even when it is celebrated, there are not the typical trees which those of us in the West are used to.

In larger forms, these would make pretty wall hangings or mobiles.  I just love having things like this hanging from the ceiling in the corners of my rooms.  I have a batch of beautiful and very expensive glass balls hanging from the ceiling in a nook of my living room.  Those are part of my mother’s huge collection of glass balls.  In my study, I have some of those cool paper lanterns hanging and more planned for hanging.  They always make me smile.  So, more couldn’t be a bad thing, right?

So, this little mystery has turned into a Giveaway.  Track down the pattern source for these colorful ornaments and post the source (with a link if it’s on the internet) AND you ZIP CODE in the Comment Section below.  The Giveaway is open from today through midnight, December 31, 2013 so your prize will not arrive in time for Christmas this year.  Here’s hoping you can help me find the pattern!

One entry per person.  Be sure to include your zip code.  Giveaway is open to everyone!