Christmas Craft Ideas

DIY Christmas crafts that are sure to inspire the kids and you. Great ideas for decorations, ornaments and parties. Find Christmas wreath inspirations and handmade gift ideas!

Tutorial: Christmas bird ornament

Tutorial: Christmas bird ornament

Tutorial: Christmas bird ornament

Karin from Leigh Laurel Studios shows how you can make this handsome Christmas bird ornament. Made from white fabric, he looks like a dove. Or if made from a red, he could be a cardinal.  Or how … Read More...

Homemade Crescent Rolls

Buttery Soft Crescent Rolls

Sorry Dough Boy!

Crescent Rolls from the can….not anymore thanks to Lynn at Nomemade for coming up with a recipe that we can make at home. Whip up a batch of your favorite soup or stew and serve these rolls … Read More...

Snow Ice Cream


Got Snow?

We have more than enough in my opinion. Unfortunately, we have two more months to endure. Did you know you could turn that snow into ice cream? Next snowfall, tell the kids to gather some snow to bring … Read More...

Winter Wonderland Cupcakes

Today it feels like the frozen tundra than a winter wonderland. I’ve already had my fill of snow for the season. If you are still dreaming of a white winter, then give these beautiful cupcakes a try. Just to let … Read More...

After Christmas Wreath


Happy New Year Everyone!

This is a fun, colorful wreath tutorial that features a special folded ribbon detail – it really makes this decoration eye catching and unique. This design is surprisingly easy and you can use any combination of … Read More...

15 Delicious Hot Cocoa Recipes

The winter season has begun and there will be a lot of hot cocoa consumed for the next three months. Especially when it snows and the temperature drops below twenty degrees. I mentioned before that my daughter loves hot cocoa … Read More...

Santa Claus and Snowman Pancakes

santasnowman pancake

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate this holiday! Did you have a big breakfast for Christmas? I grew up with fruit and nuts in my stocking and a couple of chocolates to enjoy until our feast for lunch. This might … Read More...

Christmas Tree Cinnamon Roll

Are you making cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Christmas? How about adding a little flair to those rolls, by making a Christmas tree. There is also directions on how to make a wreath instead of the tree. Plus there is … Read More...

Rustic Wooden Children’s Nativity Set


This DIY requires a Silhouette Portrait or Cameo to make.

This beautiful nativity set comes to us via Architecture Of A Mom’s blog. It is a great idea and Rachel provides all the instructions. She uses simple blocks, paints them … Read More...