Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Pops

Gobble, Gobble! Cake pops are still the rage and I’m not surprise. Who doesn’t like the idea of cake on a stick? Easy to eat and if you are on a diet, you won’t feel guilty eating one cake pop. … Read More...

Handprint Turkey Cookies

Here is an idea the kids can really help with. So cute used as a place setting at the table. I don’t know if I could eat it, so precious.

So easy to make with any sugar cookie recipe. You … Read More...

Pumpkin Bread Rolls

Today is all about the side dishes. I love turkey, but I like to save it for the the turkey sandwiches and soup afterwards. To me it is all about the side dishes. Probably cause I’m also full from all … Read More...

Easy Turkey Cupcakes

Here is a turkey that everyone can enjoy! The kids will have fun making these for the dessert table.

For this cupcake feel free to use your own cupcake recipe or order some from the store, if you don’t have … Read More...

Ooey Gooey Blackberry Butter Bars

This recipe would be great for the dessert table, but would also make a great gift too. You could bring this as a hostess gift or give to your neighbors and teachers for the holidays.

Love blackberries, but I might …

Turkey Shaped Dinner Rolls

These turkey dinner rolls will fly off the table! Make mini ones for the kids and regular size for the adults. Just to let you know there isn’t a recipe for the dough. You can use store bought dough or … Read More...

Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

This year we didn’t get to carve our pumpkins or decorate for Halloween.

I still want the seeds before we throw the pumpkins out in the woods near the backyard for the animals to enjoy. We break them up and … Read More...

Mini Calzones and Dipping Sauce

mini calzone and dip
Everyone loves to eat finger food!
Here is a recipe that can be used for your Sunday football parties, after school snack or an appetizer during the holidays. Something to warm you and fill you up at the same time.… Read More...

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole
I love sweet potatoes, but I’m the only in my family. I’ll buy a sweet potato or two for me to enjoy. I would love to make this though. The blogger did say she turned her sweet potato haters into … Read More...

Grain-Free Mummy Cookies

Grain-Free Mummy Cookies
This recipe is Paleo and SCD. Because it is no fun being left out due to allergies. I’ve been lucky that I hadn’t had to deal with food allergies. But as a parent my heart went out to the little … Read More...

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes
In case you have last minute thoughts of making treats for Halloween, here are the perfect cupcakes for you to make. No one needs to know how easy these are to make or if you used store bought or boxed … Read More...

Googly Eyed Treats

Easy Googly Eyed Treats
Peek-a-boo! The cupcakes see you!

Love the simple last minute ideas! You can run to the store and buy cupcakes of your choice and decorate them, so everyone thinks you spent hours slaving over them. The author used Little Debbie … Read More...

Gingerbread Zombie Cookies

Gingerbread Zombie Cookies
Gingerbread isn’t just for Christmas. Make some zombie faces using gingerbread dough or whatever dough you like. Create some creepy looking faces with licorice string, mints, and red jam. If you want to be really creative, you can cut out … Read More...

Ghost Biscuits with Cream Cheese

Finding healthier options to all the candy and desserts for this holiday season is easier than you think.

Here you will find a recipe for biscuits that are frosted with cream cheese and have raisins for eyes. The kids won’t … Read More...

Pumpkin and Candy Corn Cake Pops

Pumpkin and Candy Corn Cake Pops
Cake pops are the perfect dessert! Gives you a little taste, but less guilt for the bite size portion. Of course, if you eat more than one, the guilt factor might set in.

Here are some cake pops shaped like …

Skeleton Cupcakes

Spooky decorations for your cupcakes! Crazy how creative you people are!

As with a previous recipe, you can use your own cupcake recipe or buy store bought and make them think you are amazing with this skeleton cupcake topper made … Read More...

Spider Web Cupcake

Spider Web Cupcakes
Creepy spider and spider web cover these cupcakes. They look a little too real. I might have a second look to make sure they aren’t real.

The cupcake is just your typical cupcake recipe or some store bought variety. Nikki … Read More...

Little Ghost Cake

Boooo! This cake is really cute and so simple to make. How simple? The website didn’t even give directions except how many layers of cake to use and how to get the rounded top. Take some fondant and roll it … Read More...

Pumpkin Cake with Apple Cider Glaze

Pumpkin Cake with Apple Cider Glaze
We’ll get away from Halloween for a post. Here is a wonderful cake that can be made throughout the holiday season. Maybe while the kids are enjoying their Halloween treats, you and the other parents can have some pumpkin cake. … Read More...